Saturday, December 31, 2011

worry less

worry less

this year, i decided to write down prayers and put them in a vintage tin. it actually helped me to focus by taking the time to write them down.

earlier, i went through the tin on a break of organizing the studio. every one of the prayers had been answered over the course of this year and it was nice to have tangible evidence of that. some of the prayers were thank yous and some were of things that were heavy on my heart this year, like my best friend's sister's brave fight with cancer.

what i wasn't aware of was that my daughter had written her own prayers down too and put them in there. i got to the one shown above and almost lost it. not only did she feel a need for her mother to worry less, but her little (actually, big) prayer was answered. how amazing is that? worry that is so big that it worries your daughter is no bueno.

this year was an amazing year of discovery and discard. oh, and answered prayers. my goals for 2012 is for fuller creativity, handwritten letters and more purposed living. more prayers and thank yous will go into the tin and i look forward to a year from now reading how each of them was answered.

happy new year.

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nikkipolani said...

That is so sweet. Love that girl.