Sunday, July 10, 2011

a fresh blade

niche as shrine

yesterday, i was walking past my phone niche with an x-acto blade in my hand and i had to stop and give it a little vintage paper love. i had already been using it as a stop-by for little prayers and thought to make it a true focal point. adding a vintage tin for holding written prayers seemed like a perfect companion to a phone with a direct line to 1-800-YO-JESUS.

phone niche after

this phone niche was one of those features of this sweet old house that i fell in love with when i first walked through it. the time invested in hand carving decoration into wood for small details like this makes me appreciate those yesteryears.

as it turned out, it had originally been on the other side of this wall in the original common hallway that gave access to a renter who would rent the front room with its own separate front door. the renter would have phone and bathroom privileges back in the day.

the niche before::
phone niche before


nikkipolani said...

I remember your phone niche with fondness -- how fun to learn of its history! Loved being in your cozy airy house.

Lisa H said...

DAMN good lookin kids....
Nice work, DH.
Sending you Colorado LOVE