Friday, December 30, 2011

slapped it with some pank

upcycled mirrors

note to self: electric orange is a bitch to cover up.

well, i listened to yael naïmas i finished the bedroom today or at least as much as i can do today. the octagonal mirror was thrifted on an excursion with boof and the ornate one was a housewarming present from a friend three summers ago. it took just one can of silver paint to make them kissing cousins.

i snagged a mirror at goodwill yesterday morning and slapped it with some pank. it works perfectly above the bed.

flanked with windows now

baubles and necklove

i still love this old toolhangything that i found in the garage when i bought this place. it works for its dinner holding all of my necklaces. even today, it blows my mind that this house belonged to my grandpa's fishing buddy and i found out after i bought it.

dresser top
my bike and nightlight
my babies (one is hiding)
three of the four dogs. (apology for lucy mae's butt.)
primed and painted

there are a few more projects that i want to do in here. on another day, i will show photos of the transformations of the mirrors. now, onward to the studio. pray for me.

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