Monday, January 02, 2012

cotton candy

after i made my moodboard for my new bedroom, i kept thinking about how i could make cotton candy for my bedroom. i wanted it fluffy and not too colorful since i am all about the relax! and restoration! in the bedroom now. so, i made paper pompoms out of vintage dress patterns and some silver, white and black tissue papers. the canopy has to play wingman for my pinkypank mirror and my pile of patterns came to rescue in the muted wingmanrole.

i strung a strand of twinkle lights that i bought a year ago on clearance after the holiday and then started to hang the pompoms as a canopy from the wall to the edge of the window.

cotton candy

pompoms + paper garland

making my moodboard really kept me on my visual path of how i wanted my bedroom to be and helped me add the right finishing touches on my new bedroom. (oh, and lowe's high hiding primer is the shiznit.)

well, back to the studio organizing. the studio is really coming along. as in, i don't have to lift my legs over four-foot tall piles of stuff and have a nifty path going on in there. i bet i have it finished by the weekend.


Knightsparkle said...

What a beautiful way to start the new year, all soft and sweet - and organized!

nikkipolani said...

Fantastic repurposing of old patterns! I found an old recipe you'd posted and made it the other day. Amy loved the poblanos in the chowder.