Saturday, November 10, 2007

vertigirl showing her drawahs


for the record, the studio is really straight, like up & down straight. some of you commented on my scarf in my new profilefoto, but i felt like i was being sneaky by cropping out the aftermath of the creativecyclone and feel obligated to show you my drawahs.. this mess isn't really a junkmess, but more of a santaoncrackworkshopmess, but hell, a mess is a mess is a mess. glitter is everywhere.hopefully, i will get my deadline met by thursday so i can do a salt-n-pepa and clean it real good.

(oh, and also for the record, see that clean area by my shoulder? it was clean and i didn't clean that just for this photo.)

stitch is my first show or whatever this thang is. really, i have no idea what to expect. there are djs and some guy from project runway, and some hair stylist doing updos which instantly made me regret buzzing my hair off at the beginning of this year. an updo sounds perfectly wonderful.

it feels like a garagesale morning. like i have everything priced and can't wait to see what sells first. hopefully, i haven't forgotten any thing major. i just want to get on the road so it is too late to turn back.


fiwa said...

omg - I hope it's Austin Scarlet from the first season!! Glitter, updos... is V going? Is your camera going? I'm so jealous - *I* want to go!!

I hope you have fun, sell tons, and come back in that state of happyexhaustion that makes it all worthwhile.

"fiwaized"... girl, I love you.
Bigbughugs for success.

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

YIPPEE! Today's the big day...I'm feeling a little green too! Updos, glitter, a Project Runway personalitiy (ooooooomaybeit'sSantino!) AND a DJ?!??! What more could a girl ask for? Oh I know!! A rockin' time and squillions of sales! (Can't wait to see the goodies you bring back!) xoxo

jackie said...

You're in Texas - it's gotta be Chloe!
I don't know how you can say you've got bad hair. I see shiny beautiful hair! You're beautiful.
Good luck my bud!

Ginni Dee said... too, I wanna go too!

GL with the sellin' o' de art! Looks like funfunfun

Can't wait for the de-briefing after!

bughugs from here too girliegirl

Alison Gibbs said...

Hope you have fun.

Cheryl said...

You'd need sunglasses just be around me if I'd been there. That's how bright my smile would be. Or maybe grin. I'm soooo envious. I hope it was a fabulous show for you. Pictures? Tales? I hope so.

A bird in the hand said...

You should climb to the top of your Christmas tree and sit there. You are a beautiful star!!!


Keely said...

I'm sorry, all I can think of after Colette's comment, is what my hubby loves to say each Christmas... "Time to shove the tree up the angel's ass!!!" [grin]

anne said...

You are bautiful Dawn. And it goes way beyond your pretty face :-)

diane said...

Dawn~I see what time to posted this~First note: Getting up this early is a drag~Second note: It IS REALLY worth it!
Love this post and the up & down are so creative.
Yes, the first show is definately an eye opener.....
I am stopping by next time I am in SA~so let's make a date. (I will send you an e-mail).
I want to come shop and see all your creativeness and wonderfulness!

Rebecca said...

different drawahs! i was ready to comment: I see london, i see france, i see dawn's underpants!

♥♥♥♥♥ said...

hey there cutie! *wink*

this is a great picture of you gal.

and i LOVE that scarf!!!