Sunday, November 11, 2007



oh em gee. the afterstitch is worse than a hangover.
notes to self:
1) "take less shite" (actually, this is note from boothe.)
2) stay in hotel on the next block
3) focus on taking some good photos
4) wear comfortable shoes
5) plan on the afterparty of the afterparty

while we loaded up last night, ninety proof across the street was pounding out some warren G and some lovely technorap. *sigh*

anyway, it was a freaking blast. load-in was easy. other vendors & crowd freaking rocked the casbah. besides being bonetired, sign me up for next year. this is the only photo that came out lessnonblurrier. so pitiful. (the project runway dude was bradley baumkirchner.) i made extras of ornaments & thingies and will post them on my etsy or the blog itself this week.

highlights of the night: (not in order of highlightness, but order of brain)
1) the freaking djs who freaking rocked the casbah. anyone who will mix wonderland avenue's 'white horse', prince, the cars (kerren, were you still there when they played that?) and the et cetera is my kind of wonderful.
2) seeing my friend kerren who wasn't the designated driver of her clump of friends *yeah kerren* she looked beautiful and happy and, of course, that made me happy.
3) meeting my sister's friend carol who doesn't know yet that she is new friend
4) meeting wildwomen from san antonio who don't know yet that they are new friends
5) having a highschool/college friend come to my booth and recognize me from back in the day. mark, it was great to see you & meet your girlfriend! it was such a timewarp moment that you could have seen the little braingears stop for a second. i really did remember you, but had to figure out from what life. thank you for coming by my booth, dude.

now, on to unloading my car and loading another cup of coffee.


Cheryl said...

I gazed at your picture with envy. I have so much glitter and tinsel but a brain freeze on how to use it. I'm equal parts creative and frustrated.

So glad the show rocked. It would have me on a high I wouldn't want to get off of.

Cheryl said...

PS...I'd love you to link. I'll do the same, OK?

A bird in the hand said...

Tinsel, tinsel... that's what I like to see. xoxo

fiwa said...

Girl, I'm so happy you had a good time! Once I heard there was glitter and updos, I knew it couldn't fail.

You cut your teeth on this one, next time around you'll be prepared to party like it's 1999.


Ginni Dee said...

Sounds like a blast!

Hope you were very successful in puttin' yourself out there!

Makin' new friends and seein' old ones...what more could you want??

diane said...

Glad you survived, and still have the gleem in your eye.
Seeing the beautiful people (who appreciate me & you) is what gives me the energy to continue these mad- crazy-wild knock-yourself out shows.
Now, off to Etsy I go.......

Marilyn said...

So glad you had a great time. I can feel the excitement in your writing.

Creative, fun people mixing with other creative, fun's a slam dunk winner!


Lisa R said...

Thought of you many times over the weekend, Dawn, as I cashiered yet another to-the-walls blowout estate sale. Was hoping that Stitch was a 3-D version of your wildest dreams... SO glad that it vividly kept its promise!

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Hot diggity damn chica! So glad you had a fantabulous time rockin' it out this weekend....and of course, when slammin' dj's, glitter and updos are combined with friends new and old the Casbah has NO CHOICE but to be rocked!

anne said...

You sound so happy :-)

Natalie Tischler said...

Love it! Love everything! Good to meet you at Stitch. I am bookmarking your blog.

♥♥♥♥♥ said...

grrrrrrl, it sounds like you had a faBulous time!!! yay!