Wednesday, February 06, 2013

massimo vignelli in my drawers and helvetica to pay

new old storage
for almost five years, i have gone without a dresser and tried to live with shelves in an 1940s closet while striving to be a minimalist utilitarian. what was i thinking? i would reach for a shirt and piles would fall down.
i have been looking for a dresser for months. yesterday, two vintage dressers found me (that red slays me) and i put them together with my trusty metal cabinet.massimo vignelli repurposedthe crazy thing is that i had found about five pages of a massimo vignelli calendar in the recycle bin at work yesterday morning. perfectly wonderful and ready for a new life.massimo vignelli repurposednew old dresserthese pages were perfect to line the drawers of my new old dressers. a little graphic punch, plus massimo vignelli in my drawers and helvetica to pay.
the revisited corner
since the metal cabinet moved to the opposite side of the room, this corner needed to be revisited. the wait was worth it and i am so freaking happy to have order and light.


nikkipolani said...

I've always loved that metal cabinet of yours -- I remember when it was your coffee/tea station. Fab red dresser now gorgeously dressed in Helvetica!

Sis said...

The red is rockin!

and I'm loving the mirror setup as well.