Tuesday, February 12, 2013

and a big pig tumped it over

the bed end table

for the past year, i have been in need of a bedside table. yet, there was no room for one since the bed is squeezed between the door and the wall.

i had found the adjustable slatted top in the trash down the street a few years ago and set it on two upturned flowerpots for a bench. this bench lived in the garden before the pigs. before the pigs and after the pigs are our new references of time.

ralph started tumping (southernspeak for "knock over" or "spill") it over to root in the rocks underneath it. maybe, he was rooting around for a solution for me. either way, a big pig tumped it over and gave me the idea to bring it in.

with the purchase of four cinder blocks, i now have a bedend table. before the pigs, i didn't have a table, so thank you, ralphie.

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Sis said...

Your sense of style is something I covet. I know, I shouldn't covet! But me with an eclectic yearning, and the hubby with an Ethan Allen sense of taste, we don't usually come to an agreement on something as cool as your bedend table. ;)