Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the pantry

screened pantry © catherine seiberling pond
blue pantry © catherine seiberling pond
© catherine seiberling pond

pantries are a lust of mine. before this house, i never had a pantry, so i would scour old cookery books for peeks of them. these two photos are from catherine pond's the pantry.

lust, i tell you.

the above photo is beyond words. that screened pantry is three times the size of my kitchen. the colors and utility of the bottom photo remind me of my grandmother's kitchen and the risk of cutting my tongue when licking the can of sweetened condensed milk when she was baking.

this morning, i finished the remaining ten layers of the rainbow jello, made six pie crusts and made the cranberry relish. the dishwasher is purring and i have a sec to pine for pies and pantries before going to work.

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