Sunday, November 18, 2012

lost do we begin

begin to understand

not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.
–henry david thoreau

if a feeling had to have letters, it would definitely spell the sense of gratefulness. i can feel it in my bones.

lately, i haven't felt the urge to write. if one writes and no one reads the words, did the feelings dressed as words not happen? yet, the word gratefulness needs to be said.

i work through wednesday and have already started buying the ingredients for the feast on thursday. the first real feast in this house since the first four thanksgivings were spent working on projects that were due the next week. grad school puts things in perspective. now, i don't mind chopping onions.

i am thankful for being lost on my journey and the understanding that followed, for the growth in my three amazing children, for the understanding of who i am, for the sweet animals that have come into our lives, for the souls who have enhanced our lives and for this home which is a little bit magic and a whole lot of rock and roll.

God is good.


nikkipolani said...

Gratefulness needs to be said.

Sis said...

It may take me a while to get here, but the words are read, my friend. All of them. And the feelings are real on both ends - I feel through your words.

Grateful and thankful for you. God is indeed good.