Thursday, November 23, 2006

you had me at jello


every year the menu is the same: turkey, fruited sagesausage dressing, hashed brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, cranberry-orange relish, mashed potatoes & gravy, rainbow salad and three pies.

i started making rainbow salad when the kids were little & jello rocked their world. actually, it still rocks their world & i make this the day before thanksgiving every year. it is easy but an alldayaffair. the kids love this and eat it two ways, by spoonful or by layer.

making this is the calm before the kitchenstorm on thanksgiving day, so that alone is something i embrace. yes, you can double this recipe. yes, you can only three colors (which would still give you six layers), but the rainbowthang is beyond beautiful & yummy as rainbows usually are.

i used to make this in a round blownglass trifle dish until after the first thanksgiving in the house when vv went to pull it out of the fridge and lost her grip & rainbow salad was a party on the floor. sadly, that trifledish is no more & i make it in a deep 13x9 dish now.

rainbow salad
6 (3oz) boxes of jello (in order: grape, berryblue, lime, lemon, orange & strawberry)
6 c. boiling water (1 c. per flavor)
12 T. ice water
2 c. sour cream

1. dissolve the grape package of jello in 1 cup boiling water.
2. pour 1/2 cup into bowl and add 2 tablespoons ice water. chill until set in a 13x9 glass dish. blend 1/3 c. sour cream in remaining jello and pour over clearcolorjello in dish. chill until set, about 20 minutes.
4. repeat with each flavor of jello remaining. pour into dish until rainbow is completed. you will have twelve layers.


jackie_o said...

Happy Turkey day Dawn!
Everyone just left and now I get to change into sweats and start the looooong clean-up process.
Jack makes that jello for special occasions too (he loves it and his mom always made if for him).
They always call it ribbon jello.

fiwa said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too sweets! Your jello salad is so pretty, Clarke just walked by and said "Ooooh, pretty!" when he saw the screen.

I am addicted to cranberry orange relish. It's the reason behind turkey, like wasabi is for sushi.