Saturday, June 02, 2012


last week, i picked up a book at the library that caught my eye. (they are semi-wrong. sometimes, it is all about the cover.) mark sundeen's the man who quit moneyis an account of mark suelo's chosen journey without currency.

it seems that it comes down to having either time or money, but rarely both. the concept is something that i think about everyday. suelo's obvious freedom of this world's trappings is enviable, but cavedwelling is not a desirable option for me. yet, the liberating choice to have more time than money is an option.

the only debt that i have is my mortgage since i worked four jobs to pay for graduate school to eliminate a loan. my mortgage debt is something that i am on a mission to pay off sooner than later, too. since graduation, i have been thinking about how i want to live the rest of my life. factor in the fact that i have one more year of living responsibly (read: no cave) as i rotate on the axis of raising my daughter through her senior year of highschool and i am realizing that my lifemap will be a possibility sooner than later.

my mindmap for my life is something i look at everyday and the list of needs and wants fluctuates negotiably. two notes that i have put on there recently is be able to always afford to have dreyer's coconut fruit bars in the freezer (so clearly the said cave is not in my future, unless they make a cave model) and be able to always afford birdseed for my feeder.

mark suelo's blog is zero currency. my hat is off to him for making the choices that he makes and the life+liberty that he chosen.

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