Thursday, May 31, 2012

wee to the three


for graduation, one of my bosses took us zip lining in wimberley, texas.

okay, i could climb or zip anyone under the table, but braking is not my strong suit. when we went through training, the instructors went through manlanguage hand motions for braking which clearly read "come on, baby. you are doing fine and you look dang good in those jeans. keep on coming in." waving your hands wildly would have been better signs to signal "start braking, girl! you are about to hit this hillside and mess up your teeth." somehow, you figure out how to stop.

zip group

(a view of the wimberley valley that makes me proud to be a texan.)

communication has either changed drastically or i have a lot to relearn before i am released back into the wild. one thing is certain, though. maxwell is right. zipping is pure adrenaline, no matter what the signals are.

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Linda at French Hollow said...

Looks like a heck of a lot of fun!