Thursday, March 03, 2011

hurry up and slow down


most of us know what we want to be when we grow up, but when you put it down on paper, it is helps you see it a little more clearly.

with the middle of the beginning of the thesis project, i needed to make a mindmap of what i want to squeeze from life, what is important, what i am working towards, etc.


after i worked on it, i realized that i have been hurrying up so i can slow down. this segment of life won't be forever and the timing of my visual communication class couldn't have been better. the more i learn about technology, the more i realize that technology might not be our friend.


it is the awareness of the moment, of the tea while it is hot and of the person in front of you.


sometimes, it is the awareness of what you don't want that makes you aware of what you do. funny how that works.


more often than not, it is the consumables that consume you.

1 comment:

Sis said...

I hear you.

Simplify. It's my new middle name.

But I thank God for technology in some instances - otherwise I wouldn't have met you. :)