Monday, March 14, 2011

pank in a pot

sdlm in a teapot

i found this vintage british teapot at goodwill. no lid, but how could you beat souvenir de la malmaison as a lid? seriously, now.

in all fairness, anson jones was the first rose to bloom yesterday, but i was digging holes and planting a garden yesterday and didn't have time to photograph him. me thinks that the springflush might be a week or two away. with the old garden adage of 'first year, it sleeps. second year, it creeps. third year, it leaps." coupled with the fact that this is the third year of this garden, you can imagine my excitement.

i. simply. can. not. wait.

i wish that you could see peggy martin. the gate hadn't a fighting chance between her and madame alfred carriere. peggy has sent canes that almost reach my front porch. crazyinsane southern rose.

the newest additions to the garden are two pear trees and the bourbon, zepherine drouhin. she is my peace offering to the chicken coop since the girls have lost all privileges to roam freely. like, forever.

we planted toscana kale, broccoli, chinese cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, tomatillos and cilantro yesterday. (and still have two flats and packages of seeds to plant for the other bed.) it is exciting to have a fellow foodie in the house who wants to plant what she eats. eating what you grow organically really solidifies the foodie in you.


Sonny Vaughn said...

I LUV spring and SdlM is my alltime favorite rose. I'd love to see your garden, especially Peggy Martin. She does put on a magnificent display doesn't she.

Sis said...

The answer to your question is, you CAN'T beat that! Beautiful.

Val said...

What an exciting time in the garden! This all sounds so good, Dawn. 'So happy you're happy too. :)