Thursday, December 02, 2010


loteria haiku


tuesday night was the opening of the mfa showcase exhibition. graduate students were able to submit work from the past year and hope to get picked for the exhibition. we didn't know if we were selected until 5pm at the opening.

three of my works were finalists and my handmade book, loteriahaiku, received the juror's award. whhhhooot! since i am so not a corporatey girl, i so did not expect to final or win. doublewhoot.

thank you, God.

my kids are so proud and that just makes me tear up. raise your glass/coffeecup with me to the bestest teachers in the world!


Sis said...

Woot! SOOOOOO proud of you, sweet girl! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

So excited for you! Is this in the same exhibition hall where we saw the photography and that amazing painter (can't remember name)? It was great to see the unfolding of your book (on the vid you linked). Miss you.

jackie said...

OMG Dawn you are SOOO creative! I loved the book soo much.

I wish we still had enough of a budget at the arboretum to have you design a kid's game/map/brochure for me!
Alas - no money, so they are stuck with me doing all the work and I'm so stuck in corporateland that it's hard for me to be creative in the children's pieces.

I just got some awards myself. I got a gold APEX award for my Annual Report

and a silver for my Leaves Magazine.

Yay for us!!

Rachel Suggs said...


I'm ashamed, because I've only just seen your comment and I've been neglecting both my blogs. Thank you so much! :)
Also, congratulations on the show/awards! Your work is lovely- I checked out the two books you did and they're pretty freaking awesome. :)

Happy holidays, and glad to see that things are going well!
Rachel :)

Val said...

Congratulations, Dawn! Raising such awesome kids deserves ongoing kudos, as well. I'm happy you're so happy. :)