Thursday, March 11, 2010

dirty fingernails


sun, come on.
don't you know that i have to get some things in the ground before i hit the books again?

this is the only photo that i took on our whirlwind roadtrip to houston. my sister and i put the rest of her kitchengarden in the ground and planted roses before we drove back to our own spring-awakened garden. yesterday morning, we spent probably two hours at a nursery and picked out plants and trees for her own urban garden. we had big plans on thrifting all day, but the tug of plants and gardening together vetoed those.

it was the perfect twenty-five hours---dinner with the bestest of friends and family, cousins gaming with hidden stashes of sugar and floortime with the dawgs.

oh, and we had an extra passenger on the return trip.
a proper introduction to follow.

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Sis said...

Your post reflects my heart's desire right now.

Thanking God for the upcoming Spring break, and the trip to Chamblee's I'm making on Saturday. :)

Can hardly wait to meet...???