Saturday, March 13, 2010

baby berlin

this two-month old scamp has made himself at home and heart here at the houser house. aunt tipper had promised v a kitten and she delivered a little ball of sweetness. it is crazy how much berlin reminds us of our beloved shadowboxer.

i don't think that i have met a more content kitten. berlin is the perfect reading companion. he just needs to learn to turn pages with his tail.

baby berlin


Sis said...

Oh, he's beeyouteeful...

nikkipolani said...

Welcome to one of the best houses for cats, Baby Berlin ;-)

Lisa Hoffman said...

He looks just like my childhood Kitty-Man: Tink.
People used to think that it was short for Tinkerbell until he jumped out of nowhere and kicked their butts.
This kitty looks WAY better behaved.
Congrats to the new Momma's.

A bird in the hand said...


And a big hug to you.


Marilyn said...

I had a feeling that the extra passenger coming back with you would be 4 legged, covered in fur and have a tail! :-)

He is a cutie.