Saturday, March 06, 2010

for the daily accounting

day accounting

never ever has there been room for a chair in any or one bathroom in my life. that seemed like an obvious given until this bathroom showed up on our bathdar. when we were rearranging our life, i immediately knew that a chair was needed for conversations in the bathroom. this is where the day's accounting all goes down, plus the he saids, the she saids, the don't forget to remind mes, the thank you Gods, the so help me hannahs and the i am too tired to get ups.

over two months ago on the day before new year's eve, our beloved shadowboxer was poisoned. finally, we can talk about it since we were blubbering fools over that beloved cat. he was the very best cat ever and raised the bar for the homeless kitten that is coming into our life this week. i have a feeling that this sweet chair will hold him all of time and capture a lot of mom, he is so cute!s.

this old chair has made the cut with every stoopsale and every garagesale over all of these years, yet she never had a place of prominence and daily ritual until now. good stuff happens here and she can finally say yeppers, i shaved my legs for this.


Sis said...

:( Sadness for Shadow, I'm so sorry.

Looking forward to pics of new home kitty. :)

That chair is doubly awesome.

jackie said...

Oh Dawn I'm so sorry about your loss of Shadowboxer. I don't even have words for such an unspeakable act. My heart hurts for you and your family.
I think the chair (and it's upcoming adventures) is spectacular.

KathyA said...

Who poisoned Shadowboxer??? How awful! I hope they rot in Hell.

Gin said...

So sorry about your kitty. So sorry people can be so cruel.

What a special chair. I'll bet it's seen a lot of butts in it's day. It reminds me of my grandma's farm house. She had dining room chairs of the same ilk. Love it!

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