Friday, February 19, 2010

the ice altar

ice altar two

ice altar

every morning, i stand in front of my fridge and pray for my kids. if the neighbors could see, surely they would think i was kooky. okay, kookier. i pray for each of them and thank God everyday for them. the prayers sound like "keep them away from bad girls. keep her away from bad boys.", "wear your helmet.", "remember who you are and that God loves you.", "be safe.", "love yourself.", "take your vitamins." and so on.

after the garage sale two weeks ago, i knew something would go out since i had a fistful of money. well, on sunday, it was the fridge. when i bought this house, the fridge stayed and it worked well enough. no ice and ice cream didn't stay rockhard, but there were other things that needed fixing. sunday, it went completely out. garage sale money in hand, we went to lowe's and had an energy star one delivered on tuesday.

this one has an ice machine. *squee*
so, now when i pray, it answers back.


jackie said...

Woo Hoo! New fridge dance lol.
And may I say Boothe could be a model...
: )

Sis said...

Awesome! And isn't it cool that it didn't go out BEFORE you had a fistful of money. lol

Ice, right in time for the turn into the summer home stretch. WOOT!
(hi Jackie! *waving*)

Anonymous said...

Dearest D,
Your timing is always right on time! Love You!

KathyA said...

I love getting new appliances. And you got an energy efficient one that talks!!!

Lisa Hoffman said...

Now THAT is one good lookin' family.
...and they all deserve ice....

And Ice Cream.

fiwa said...

Oh man, I thought only cars knew how to read your bank balance! Fridges too?! Sorry girl - but as my mama would say "At least you had it in your pocket when you needed it."

I love the photo montage - what a perfect place to have a quiet moment of mama pray time. I have the photo of you and the V girl on my bulletin board by my desk so I can see your lovely smiles every day. It's a happy picture.

nikkipolani said...

I know just that feeling -- that the "extra" money should be held loosely... I love that photo of the three of you. It's a classic.

Jill said...

oh, i love all those pictures...i can recognize the kids as itty bitty's better than i can now :)
miss your face~ hope all is well.