Wednesday, February 24, 2010

orange you glad that i didn't paint it vanilla?

studio arancione

before i begin, i want to thank you for reading my blog and bearing with me while i peel off layers. the peeling is not literal, since we had freaking SNOW here yesterday.

i had mentioned a few posts back that studio arancione was finally finished. i can actually play in it and make things now. the taming of this tangerine beast was by far the biggest demon to wrestle in the past two years of rehoming. the last studio was over twice its size, yet i think the smaller footprint has proven to really work. okay, it has to work.

studio arancione:slice of orange
studio arancione:fromthedoor
studio arancione::prayingwall

the above wall is dubbed the praying wall. i will have something in my hand and pray that i can squeeze it in. if i can't, it gets the mallet.

studio arancione::workcenter

i find it no small miracle that my shelving units and thrifted herman miller file cabinets fit perfectly in this floor plan. the two cabinets have a half-inch wiggle room. seriously amazing. although, i needed more worktable space, two workstations had to go. one was repurposed in the kitchen and the other in the laundrette.

studio arancione::towards living room

things can almost be found now. i can play and soak up some vitamin C in the dead of winter. orange you glad that i didn't paint it vanilla?


Julia Dunnit said...

Your studio is wonderful..and I love that praying wall! Post timing is perfect, over at my blog we have a thing going - what's on your workdesk wednesday and we photo desks/spaces...yours is up there today, for sure. Betyou feel great now it's ready to use...go you!

Sis said...

I am laughing thinking the orange wall won't be vanilla or any other color for a looong time, what a job that would be to repaint! But no need, because orange is perfect. I am just a tad envious of your sunshiney light. Man, I love that stuff.

And I love this blog. Always have, from day 1 of discovering it. XOXO

KathyA said...

1. the music is so lovely and always surprises me.
2. I'm not 'an orange person' but I really like this! It really works and is sooo much better than vanilla.
3. You made me laugh aloud with the 'praying wall' explanation.
4. Your organization is AMAZING. It looks beautifully neat -- everything is accessible -- and you've got a lot of stuff!

fiwa said...

It goes without saying that I am a big fan of orange. I think it looks great. And you know, all those boxes and stuff, I just wanna go poking around in all of it. Man, I could get into some serious trouble in there!

Marilyn said...

I have a praying closet and a praying junk drawer, but honestly I am working hard so that I will have a normal closet and drawer!

Love the orange and the way you have everything organized in plastic keepers. Ohhh..vintage suitcases, too! :-)


Have Myelin? said...

I love that color. My kitchen in San Antonio was that color. =)

Lauren Castillo said...

i want this room!!! there is so much stuff! and its so organized!!!