Friday, January 15, 2010

love rain

love rain

one of the beautiful things about this month of ordering has been the jewels that i have found when i did not know they were lost. when i was preparing the laundrette (formerly known as the green room) for painting, i had to take down the shelving which meant that i had to put everything elsewhere. so, the ordered kitchen had to become unordered again.

anyhooo, there was a clump of my children's special papers and a box of photos on it and i had a chance to go through them all over again. this was from one of sage's writing journals from gradeschool. and, guess what? it is raining.

rain is one of those things that we celebrate around here and a reason to call each other and say 'hey, it is raining and i thought of you.' when the three kids were little, we would bake and make pots of tea and just marvel at the rain. boothe called yesterday because it was raining. seriously, this little family could make seattle proud.

when i revisited sage's sweet handwriting, it really opened up floodgates of mother emotion. i long for those days that i was at the helm of his safety and good choices. he is now at a place where i can't do anything, but love him...and that is a terribly hard place to be.

so, if you are of the praying sort, please pray for my son sage, the path of good choices, living life to his fullest potential and using the talents that God gave him. if you are not of the praying kind, please light a candle for him and whisper the aformentioned things.

the power of prayer and candlewhispering is undeniable and i would appreciate it.


Sis said...

Consider it done. Really. I did. :)
XOXO to you both.

fiwa said...

You call and we answer. Love you.

nikkipolani said...

I was just thinking about your son and wondering how he was. You know you have my prayers, Dawn.

KathyA said...

Small children; small concerns. Grown children; large concerns. Being a parent is sometimes so painful.

Marilyn said...

As the mother of 2 sons, ages 21 and 25, I understand what you are going through. I pray daily for all young men and women who are launching their lives. May their choices be wise!

Val said...

You and yours will be in my prayers, Dawn.

Anonymous said...

Ditto Dearest D.