Sunday, January 31, 2010



hopeful for:
1) spring and the first bloom of the season
2) fluidity in APA style writing
3) a garage void of junk
4) continued protection of providence
5) another year of exploration in this little hub called my blog


Marilyn said...

Also looking forward to another year of your blog...and another, and another, and another etc.

(I hope my garage will be devoid of junque this year, too!)

Sis said...

I'm hopeful for all those things for you; and for me, too...except I don't have a garage. ROFL

Cynjon said...

Here's to another year of exploration! (and sharing of those explorations!)

Sis said...

And thank you, Dawn! When I saw this post, I wasn't thinking of your drawing for a goodyprize. :) I'm excited to see what it is! And that was my babygirl's birthday, yesterday, too. ;)

KathyA said...

I'm hopeful, too, for too much to list.