Saturday, November 07, 2009

the art of playing games

las vegas

after i finish three writings, i will be adding to my etsy shop this weekend before i start on my big project in one of my classes.

the assignment is to create a game that is fun and type-educational. i had researched parlour games and added the learning twist, but was so not feeling it. my favorite game ever is the vintage barbie game. i don't play it, but i love looking at it.

my beloved professor: "don't you play games?"
me: "no. i also don't like sand in my crack at the beach."
(these two seem to go hand in hand for me, since my sister loves to play games and loves to sit on the beach with her drawers filled up with sand.)
my beloved professor: "seriously?"
me: "seriously. i pay my bills before i get them so i don't cry at the mailbox when they arrive. actually, i become euphoric with the sense that they have magically been paid. no, i really don't play games."
(yes, i should really take time out and play games.)

so, i have to start designing my chosen game tomorrow. i am so excited with the direction of it. it is just going to have to be dang amazing so i will play it.


KathyA said...

You made me laugh! I'm interested to hear about your game!

Sis said...

I want to see what you came up with, Dawniegirl!