Friday, November 13, 2009

loudly laughing

loudly laughing holiday limited
back of ornament

loudly laughing is my newest glitterdangle of a limited edition of 20. each glitterdangle sports a reproduction photo and a different collage words below the photo. note that the 'loudly laughing' one has just sold and the other sayings available are 'gleaming', 'free and independent', 'felt important and grown-up', 'last summer', 'the girls', 'laughing', 'home again', 'encouraged', 'far more beautiful', 'smiled.', 'and cheerful', 'most beautiful', 'Rain or shine', 'a new dress' and 'swinging'.

this sturdy glitterdangle is embellished with stitching, backed with vintage wallpaper and edged with silver tinsel glitter. it measures 3" x 4.25" and hangs from silver cording with a single bead. perfect for yourself, your BFF, sister or favorite girl who needs to remember to smile and will keep the lucky recipient smiling and giggling every day if she hangs it on her favorite hook or handle.

price per glitterdangle is $16 and shipping is $2.50 total purchase. each comes in a cellophane bag and ready to gift.

i am loudly laughing because my favorite fifteen-year old now believes in the written wit of david sedaris and i had the pleasure of saying 'see, i told you so!' oh, and i am also loudly laughing that my favorite eighteen-year old is coming home for a dose of mama on sunday.

happy weekend!

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Meg Wolff said...

Happy weekend!