Friday, October 30, 2009

mr. darby in the garden

abraham darby
abraham darby was my very first english rose and i am so squeakily happy to have it in this garden now.

rose for proper i.d.
this rose shatters like some austins do and i am still convinced that it is an austin. could it be sharifa asma?

souvenir de la malmaison
the bourbon, souvenir de la malmaison

since i started the graduate program, i have lost the time to read for pleasure. i have had michael pollan's in defense of food: an eater's manifesto and the botany of desire on my booklist for a while now.
pbs' the botany of desire will hold me for another month and a half until i can read over the holiday break.


KathyA said...

Gorgeous! The heartiest roses in my garden are the David Austin/English roses and the Knock Outs.
I just got the latest catalog from Edmunds'. Have you seen the AARS Winner, Easy Does It? It's beautiful!
Do you have climbers? If so, I could use a little advice. Having trouble getting my climbers to actually climb.

Marilyn said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous roses! Such a thrill to see them in bloom. All this rain has really pumped life back into the garden, hasn't it?

Marilyn (in Dallas)

patty said...

Mr. Darby is very hansome, I will have to add him to my wish list for next year.

I highly recommend Baronne Henriette de Snoy, this rose has bloomed almost non-stop this year, despite the Texas heat and dry summer. Also the bugs and hoppers have left it alone. It is lovely next to my Malmaison

Sis said...

That could be Sharifa, although in the hotter months, she pales to white very quickly...what does it smell like, Dawn? SA has a light, very sweet scent, if I remember correctly. And yes, it does shatter quickly, almost immediately when cut.

All this coming from memory - it's been a couple of years since I had SA in my garden...

Abe looks as handsome as ever. SdlM is another I've never been able to get to survive, but I believe it's because my best rose space is in the front of my house, which is, in turn, on the west side...and SdlM just doesn't like that much of this intense and humid afternoon heat. If (let's be hopeful and say WHEN) I get on my two acres across the road from Miz Cat, I'll have some morning sun and give this one and SA another go.
I'm glad you're enjoying roses and some quick reading. Let me know about that eater's manifesto, when you get to it, would ya?

Gin said...

Hey Dawnie girl!
I have (or have had) all of the above roses and your Abe is gorgeous...his sweet grapefruity scent makes my mouth water! As far as your mystery rose, my Sharifa's were always pink...I never saw any yellow in the blooms. If it has a licorice/myrrh scent it could be Tamora...she has that golden glow from within like that and altho she's advertised as peach colored, she's pinkish like that a lot. As Sis said, Sharifa Asma has a sweet, flowery fragrance.

Your pictures are great! Hope you are too. :)