Monday, October 26, 2009

plaid happy

plaid happy

my son woke up knowing that there would be a message from me and there was. these are the kind of days that make us all hunker down while grateful for a tin roof and a tea pot. it really doesn't get any better than days like this.

madame isaac pereire and abraham darby were the fall additions to the garden. i had missed them so much from my old garden. mip will be pegged in the front bed and both are enjoying this drenching on their first day in this garden.


Sis said...

Drenching is good...except we've had drenching for two months now. I'm thinking I need to plant water lilies in my front yard and pull up all the roses. :)

I love this picture. It's probably one of my favorites of yours, in all your blogging.

KathyA said...

Can't wait to see the roses!