Thursday, October 22, 2009

like darkened water

cestrum nocturnum

the soul at dawn is like darkened water
that slowly begins to say thank You, thank You.

for a week now, the nightblooming jasmine has been blooming. at night, it seems like the property pulses with its own silent rave to the fragrance. early each morning in the dark when i let the little beasts out, it is jump, lick, jump, lick, breathe, breathe and (yes!) breathe.


KathyA said...


Sis said...

I can just imagine the scent. When my confederate jasmine blooms, I could just be hypnotized by breathing.

I need a nightblooming jasmine. :)

~S said...

Mine is through for the season, got too cold last week. LOVE Jasmine so I have many forms to enjoy Spring - Sept.