Friday, September 11, 2009

back to glory

the rose by the wall

1) this is the rose that i rooted years ago from a cutting from the one at my grandparents' house. this summer, i dug it up from my old house and nursed it back to glory. as of tonight, it is in the ground at this new old house.
2) the rain that we are finally getting has washed the rocks clean and revived my little garden. with every little drop, there is a 'thank You, thank You, thank You!'
3) last friday night, i shoveled and spread the last wheelbarrow of the 36th (and final!) yard of rock. the last of the pile had been staring at me for six months and it isn't staring anymore.
4) for the past three weeks, i have learned so much from studying. why do your eyeballs hurt when you study but not when you read for pleasure?
5) it is finally "hot tea and candles" weather. you couldn't make a girl happier.


Sis said...

I hear ya on the hot tea and candles, except with me, it's coffee and candles... :)

And lol about the eyeballs. You said it, sistah.

Marilyn said...

Good to see ya posting, again!

We're getting that glorious rain, too. I hope it continues all weekend.

I agree on the hot tea and candles. Also, getting the urge to get out the crock pot and start a hearty stew, bake some bread and get out those knitting needles!

Love the rose. It's a beauty!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Alison Gibbs said...

Great to see you posting again.
What a glorious rose.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. Houser,
It is so cool to see that you still love your plants like you did when you were in San Anonio!
i also see that you finally got the chicken coop that you always wanted. good for you! i hope to talk to/see you soon!
Keep being you!
Your old SADA friend
P.S. Tell V the gang says hi.

KathyA said...

That rose is indeed glorious! Does it have fragrance?

Anonymous said... you. JFAP