Sunday, August 23, 2009

a star is worn

star on pocket

tomorrow is the last first day of high school for the houser kids. besides revamping her room and wardrobe and intense lunchmenu planning, we have been embellishing the calm with stitches. she has been wearing her brother's handmedown cutoffs this summer and i thought to add some girly to them. so a star was born, er, worn. then, a pocket edging and then a "mom, can i do it, too?" (seriously, i heard angels singing at this point.)

once she had her momentum going, i had to keep mine i started embellishing this book satchel that i bought on superclearance last year.

book satchel

her pencil bag stitching was finished last night. photo to follow.


Kathy said...

Such fashion talent! So exciting beginning a new school year!

Sis said...

You gals are just too cute. :)

Anonymous said...

As always, getting caught up on your blog cheers me up. Thank you Dearest D., Love, JFAP.

Gin said...

Love it..."the eyes of Texas are upon you..." is running thru my head! Oh wait, that's a rap song I hear...something about "the downstroke" LMAO

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