Wednesday, September 16, 2009

green after rain

front path

green after rain would have to be my favorite crayon in the box with carnation pink running a close second. the autumnal light has shifted and it always makes me feel like i have just put on my glasses. it actually feels different and makes me ready for halloween.

after class today, i was inspired to take some photos of the garden after the rain. i just looked at the befores taken last june. the garden is really taking shape.

sunday morning found me putting in fall vegetables and planting seeds. i have never planted kohlrabi or lacinato kale before. with each cabbage seedling planted, there was a promise for a dish of stuffed cabbage rolls. i hope the fall potager is more productive than the summer one.

this garden has a different flavor than my last one. it seems more desert cottage and less modern tropical. all i know is that it feels like home.


KathyA said...

Your garden is gorgeous. Love the river rock.

Marilyn said...

"green after rain"..what a great description. It truly is a beautiful color.

Your garden looks great. I can't believe that you hauled all that rock in!

MNairlyn (in Dallas)

Sis said...

Looking good and all German beer gardeney :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Dearest D., Love JFAP