Wednesday, July 22, 2009



of no importance and certainly not in an important order:

1) i am finally taking my vitamins daily.
2) still, i miss domino magazine. *sob*
3) for the past two weeks, i have been folding clothes on the day that i wash them.
4) i heart my students. crit day always fills me with pride for them.
5) q-tip's vivrant thing is my ringtone and i hate to silence it during class.
6) washing dishes by hand is my newest religion.
7) bread and tulips was incredibly perfect.
8) i would marry blue drafting tape...
9) and at our wedding, vampire weekend would sing oxford comma, since i nixed the idea of having ghostland observatory play vibrate cuz i would be tempted to dance the wedding night away with aaron behrens. *sigh*
10) tonight, we (my daughter & i, not mr. blue drafting tape) are going for a nightswim after we finish the last lovely bowl of rebecca rather's texas tortilla soup.


jaesun said...

I enjoy reading your blog because you love life, and you don't mind telling your readers exactly why... down to the finest detail.

Sis said...

Is the swim to be in the hillbilly hottub? LOL

Gotta try that soup, sweetums. Looks delish and the cookbook may need to come live in my kitchen.

Have fun,

Babsarella said...

Thanks for the film recommendation, Dawn. I just added it to my Netflix queue.

A bird in the hand said...

Sounds pretty good to me!