Sunday, July 19, 2009

the day's agenda

front row seat

this is where it is all happening today. just being is the only thing on the day's agenda.

we finally had a nice rain yesterday afternoon and we are slated for more. please, Sir, bring it on. i hope to hear a fistful of thunder that says 'child, it has already been broughten!'

we celebrated boothe's 18th birthday on wednesday. we made his birthday banana pudding times four. when he called me on friday, he had already eaten 3/4 of it. it was a great day and it makes his mother proud to see his strong work ethic and how he is valued by others.

life lately has been focusing on simplifying. as much energy as you can put into that, you somehow get that energy returned by the simplicity of it all. the house is really taking order and that is incredibly calming. this summer is also the calm before the storm since i am not taking classes, but just teaching.

yesterday morning was filled with garage sales, thrift shops and the library. i think this has been the first weekend in quite a long time that really felt like the quintessential weekend.

summer is indeed queen.


Sis said...

Hallelujah and amen, summer is queen.

Happy birthday to Boothe. I can hardly believe our kids are 18. Wow.

And birthday banana pudding sounds so perfect. :)

Enjoy being.

Karen Smithey said...

Well happy birthday to Boothe, and yay to you for enjoying the quintessential weekend!

Anonymous said...

I feel relaxed just thinking about your single-agenda day. *sigh*

A bird in the hand said...

Happy birthday to Boothe. And congrats to one of the greatest mothers around. xoxoxo