Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the mister

the mister

lately, i have been in deepcleaning mode. i feel like i have so much to do before school starts and have to do it while i still have a little time. it is a time of consolidation and really making sense of the place of things.

with the pottytraining of theodore finn, i finally had enough and blocked the dogs from having the full run of the house. when they aren't in the yard, they are gated in the green studio. tough titties.

after loving on mrs. meyer's products for years, i am now smitten with mr. clean and his purple power. this new fragrance reminds me of the years of nightwalks in los angeles. you would breathe nightblooming jasmine & lemon blossoms and then turn the corner and smell someone's laundry in the dryer. there is something quite soothing about fresh laundry. anyway, that is what i am telling myself when i clean every inch of this house with the mister's purple drank and magic erasers.


Sis said...

Why, girl, you make me want to jump up and tie my hair in a bandanna and have a little fling with the Mr. myself!

God bless you, Dawniegirl, you're that night breath of fresh (jasmine/lemonblossom/laundry) air sometimes, for me.

nikkipolani said...

Well. You've made me want to walk down the cleaners aisle and open the cap of a bottle and take a whiff. Thus far, I've been completely turned off by anything Febreze. Happy deepcleaning :-)

Marilyn said...

As soon as you're done with your house, come clean mine. I'll supply any Mr. product you need! :-)

I've gotta check out this new fragrance.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Kathy said...

I'm going to checkin' out the Mr. soon!