Saturday, June 27, 2009

thriller and a lil' R.I.P.

doubleclick to the youtube page and watch these filipino inmates' other routines. president obama should make these dance routines & practices mandatory in every school in america. wow... not one obese person in the room!


Sis said...

Wow, just having watched the MJ Thriller video yesterday, this was awesome! I was thinking that the girl was taking her life in her own hands in a prison like that, until the camera zoomed in, then I burst out laughing! I wonder if MJ ever saw this? I bet he would have been delighted...

And I also giggled at your obese comment - this is awesome exercise for sure (although I doubt if they "let them eat cake" in prison, ROFL!).

Thanks for this post - it made my day.

Gin said...

Wow great! At first I thought it was something from the Olympics when I saw it! What a great idea to keep them fit and busy!! Yeah, I thought the same thing as Sis when I saw the "girl"...LOL!!

Gin said...

P.S. if you click on the YouTube link and watch "Jump" there are actually a lot of girls in the prison!! I was surprised. How cool these videos are!!

LisaHoffman said...

I would never have skipped gym class if we could have just......danced.