Tuesday, June 30, 2009

hillbilly hotel

four knees

there is nothing like a baby leech to change your mind about stuff.

after work, i had gone to get the last edgers for the last bit of path in the front and saw a water trough in the front of the store.

me: "babydoll, can mama get you a pool?"
her: "uh, no."
me: "are you sure?"
her: "uh, yeah."

we unload the edgers and go to the river. while the girls are sunning in their jailbait bikinis and looking cute for the college guys, she looks down and goes "uh, mom. what is this on my foot?" okay, even a baby leech isn't cute. we remove it and pack our stuff up and head back.

her: "uh, mom. after we get that pool, can we get popsicles?"
me: "uh, okay!"

on the way to get the trough, i saw a bit of aqua & painted lettering in someone's trash. on the way back, we stopped. it was a huge hanging sign that says "theatre box office"! freaking awesome! i will hang it this week as a canopy in the coop!

the cabana boi

dmitri noel fills the spot of cabana boi nicely.


the neighbors' pecan tree serves as the perfect umbrella.

view from the hillbilly spa

when i visioned my new garden last summer, i saw a girly german biergarten. after my turn in the tub, i came up for a breath and found it!


Sis said...

LOL! You remind me of Rozanna and her hillbilly hottub!


Gin said...

Nuttin' like a lil spot of water to cool your day! I love the idea of a horsetankpool! What a fun mom you are! Can't wait to see the sign hung!

Missin' you


Kathy said...

Love the hill billy hot tub!
You've done sooo much work in your yard -- it looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love the pool .......Rio by the River lives baby!


Brad said...

You are such a clever chica. I'm off to the feed store for my own pool!!

LisaHoffman said...

This is too much!
Love it. I have to say that any size leech would have me runnin' for the safety of the tub. Your garden is looking enticing, lovely and fun. Like you.

I'm loving your musical choices too!

Scheherazaad said...

You lucky duck,scoring a that sign. I love your biergarten. Stay cool ;)