Monday, June 22, 2009

out of the pantry

pencil cans

we have been on a cleaning binge. the fridge looks like a normal person's one now and everything in the pantry was totally removed and whatever made the cut was reorganized. the biggest challenge with having your two of your three kids bust out of the coop is the rethinking of foodshopping and the new resistance of buying bulk. after work today, the living room and bathroom are next. then, my bedroom and the studio --yes, again!

while i was organizing last night, we finally got news of the outside world of farrah fawcett's death and michael jackson's death. so, today's playlist is in honor of michael and i just plugged in my curling iron to curl my wings for farrah.

we are so excited about july 4th here. my sister and i are having our second annual two sisters and a horny chihuahua tag sale. so, i really have a goal to meet with this cleaning. if you need directions, email me & i will send a link.

i just made new mailing labels inspired by a blueberry that is almost licorice and a vintage pharmacy label. so can't wait to use them.


Kathy said...

That's just one garage sale I might consider attending!
Feels sooo good to clean out the fridge!

Sis said...

Aw, man! If that wasn't so close to youth camp, which is gonna be other side of the Rockies, I'd be at your tag sale for sure!

annie said...

Oh Dawn! I tuned into your blog and knew I'd get some MJ.....remember when Frank Sinatra died? I was with you in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and Sinatra was playing EVERYWHERE....this reminds me of that ya and btw....having a tag sale tomorrow!
this is from HILARY I see annie on my id

hilary said...

where can i get some a those mail tags?