Saturday, June 13, 2009



the other day, one of my students asked me 'what do you do best?' lemme tell you that is a question that makes you sit down at 8am. and to be fair, i will ask you the same thing, but you get a little notice while you read this.

once i sat down, i replied 'i use my hands. that is what i do best. oh, i can see, unsee and resee.'

my latest repurposed mirror project turned out freaking awesome. a student from last semester had a huge wall mirror that had been attached to a leaking wall. it sucked for him that it came crashing down, but it didn't suck for me since he graciously saved the pieces for me.

him:'dude, my huge mirror came crashing down last night.'
me: *scooby doo ears radaring an idea* 'eeeeerrrh?'
him: 'what?'
me: 'that was scoobyese for 'can i have the pieces?'
him: 'uh, sure.' *while he steps back from me in nonbaby steps*

the old mantel had been a bit vanilla before and the mirror mosaic glammed it up quite nicely.

so, what do you do best?


Kathy said...

Hmmm. I think what I do best is nurture -- plants, students, ideas...

Sis said...

That's a tough one...

Maybe what I do best is play. I guess that's why I'll never grow up.

I'm also good at seeing the little things - the small crop from the big picture, the student behind the disability, the feelings behind the eyes...

And fairness. I'm good at fair. Chewing out the "bad" kid one minute, hugging him the next, just like I do my own kids.

Your reseen mirror rocks - I don't think I'm good at that kind of seeing, LOL - but I love to look through your eyes.

Marilyn said...

What an interesting question!

What I do best is be the stabilizing force in many family and work situations. I'm the one on the ground holding the string and keeping the kite aloft, yet at the same time moored and protected.

Interestingly, as I grow older I find myself taking more chances and turning into a kite, myself.

LisaHoffman said...

Write creative class schedules and pull off really good foreign accents.