Friday, December 19, 2008

whole on a wall


today is the first day on my break that i have been able to concentrate on organizing my life. with work and jobs, it seems like the ideas get shelved or stacked in laundry baskets.

one of the things that i had meant to do for months was to create a little shrine with my soul sister's photographs. i had saved each one and could see them as a growing whole on a wall.

each photo was sent during a redefining stage of my life and each was owned at that moment in which it was received. redefinition is about the owning, isn't it?

my favorite photo of all is bitch.


now on to finish making beds with fresh sheets and putting away piles of laundry. once i get tired of this, i am gonna call one of my bestest pals who really makes sense when she tells me "oh, dawn. you can't clean at night. it raises the dust in the house and then you can't sleep and then you get sick."

oh, hellz yeah, i am gonna own that stellar advice and declare it gospel.


Gin said...

Oh yeah, I love that advice too. Makes perfect sense to me!!

Love the photos. Bitch is great!!

realityphotography said...

you just turned my frown upside down!


thank you for loving my photos.
i cannot put into words what that does for my soul.

tell you one thing...i intend on filling that space!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I like that don't clean at night advice. I'll remember it.

Great photos.

A bird in the hand said...

I have to agree with your favorite photo, it's mine too. The whole shrine is magnifique. I'm thinking I see a Pancho Villa "saint" candle in a jar, but that might just be my warped imagination. Which I proudly own! Heh.

fiwa said...

I love Pancho - and I love the photo shrine.

That advice makes perfect sense - what a smart gal!

Love you girl,

Marilyn said...

"you can't clean at night. it raises the dust in the house and then you can't sleep and then you get sick." <----Amen to that!!!

Love the shrine. It's perfection.

The Landscaper said...

Just wanted you to know just how moved your Soul Sistah is about the shrine.

I am here to tell you that she is so extremely surprised and happy that you like the photos that much.

She is still talking about it......