Sunday, December 21, 2008

orange you glad i said yes

dmitri in my sister's old pants

my friend leesa kept chanting '08 is out the gate!'and '09, we will shine!' yesterday. ryan read the tibetan meaning and sorrow of a year gone and it really made me think about this year that is rapidly coming to a close.

08 was an incredible year of refining and redefining and i am leaning to the thinkage that 09 will pick up where 08 will leave off. the older i get, the more i truly believe in the intricacy of God's weaving skills. if i were to try to explain it, it is akin to sitting in the open and having a perfect orange drop into your lap. it gets to the point that you can't question it, but embrace it and run like hell with it. if you stop and think about it all, it truly is insane in the membrane.

ponder, ponder, ponder...and then i come home to a beast that fits in my pocket.


The Landscaper said...

That is so true and your right about "the older you get" part and God.
What a freaking crazy year it has been.2008 will most definitely go down in history as the year of CHANGE, 2009 will probably be full of even more change followed by solutions. Thank God we have each other and our little furries.

Gin said...

I love that outlook. I agree about the getting older thang. It's so true. We learn, and we learn and then finally we really learn.

love ya girlie

fiwa said...

You speak the truth, sistergirl.

I love your pocket beast.

MaryF said...

2008 has been a roller coaster year, so I'm ready to see it GONE. Hopefully 2009 will have more ups than downs!

Marilyn said...

The more I look into Dmitri's eyes the more I'm convinced that his arrival into your life is part of God's weaving skills. New life, new love, new family member.

I agree..'09 we WILL shine.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I like that phrase: "God's weaving skills."

And I love that puppy dawg face.

beginninghere said...

Dawn, you put it so well. There's a new book out called The Grand Weaver, or something like that, on this very topic. People want to know there is a purpose to life and there is a reason to hope. And there is. By the way, I loved your illustration of the orange.