Tuesday, December 16, 2008

dmitri noel

dmitri noel in a sack
dmitri noel
apparently, you can't even go to work and be an innocent. animals that need homes find you. i held him and said 'you look like my dottie.' the signs to take him home: his mother was named dottie and his grandmother was named dottie.

girlchild named her little beast, dmitri noel. he is half jack russell, quarter chihuahua and quarter rat terrier.

yes, we are in trouble, but happy. it all equals out in the wash.


deb said...

that is one lucky dmitri!!!
your home is busting at the seams with love.

oooohhhh, i adore his short little forearms.

<3 deb

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Awww, what a cutie.

MaryF said...

How CUTE!!! I know what you mean about not even being able to go to work...I now have my 5th cat, still called Mama Kitty because we didn't plan to keep her.

Kathy said...

Sweet pup! Ah destiny!

fiwa said...

I could eat him up with a spoon!
Give him a kiss on the nose from me.

love you -

Gin said...

OMG Dawn! He's precious! What a fun Christmas present!! I hope he likes chickens! LOL

Congrats on the new fur-kid!

Brad said...

That is the sweetest face I've seen all year. Congratulations ! It's funny how animals seem to find their 'right' owners.



Marilyn said...

Dmitri Noel has been busy trying to find you and, at last, he has.

oh......those eyes! All knowing, yet so innocent, but 100% loving.

Congrats on finding each other.

Rae said...

Half Jack-Russell???? YES! Those things are AMAZZZING! No wonder he looked so familiar!! (May want to keep him away from the chickens though... C; )

He's adorable! I know he'll enjoy being with you guys. Congratz!

Sis said...

What a sweetheart - how many doggies is that for you? 4? And 3 cats? However many, there's always room for more, right?

A bird in the hand said...

I'm waiting for my doglet to find me. Meanwhile, I go mushy-mush over other doglets, and now dmitri!


Keely said...

Now really ... who, with half a heart, could resist. And you, Girlie-Girl are a big-hearted woman!!! *grin*

machinarex said...

Oh my, he's a handsome one....watch out!

martha brown said...

Oh, he is adorable! Lucky Dmitri! Lucky you!