Wednesday, November 26, 2008

harvest year


when i was cleaning up the garden, these pumpkins really made me happy and grateful. this has been one of those harvest years that i get to compare where i was a year ago to where my toes are planted today. the changes and tweaks are quite evident. this year was a "just jump!" year. those words are ridiculously easy to say to your friends, but freaking hard to heed them yourself.

as this little house is still asleep and the chickens are fed, i am surrounded by a peace that only a quiet morning knows. quiet mornings tend to make me very reflective. this year has been one that contained the gift of being believed in, chances taken, new friends embraced, old friends (re)embraced, new paths journeyed, new gardens worked, goodbyes, letting go, hellos, freedom (which i am still getting used to owning), beloved children on their own paths, new traditions and things learned.

ooh, and add ---things unlearned, too.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a wonderful retrospective. And I love the photo. So clear and sharp and autumnal.

I hope your next year brings even more of a harvest.

Marilyn said...

Beautifully said, and perfect for the day-before-Thanksgiving.

Dawn, you never fail to inspire and challenge me to take those chances and journey down those new paths.

Brad said...

I hope the coming year is just as full of growth for you as this past one has been. Have a wonderful holiday.

fiwa said...

You are my hero, you truly are. Your grace and strength never fail to amaze me.

Happy Thanksgiving -

Kathy said...

You hit it right on the head with the most important & more difficult "things unlearned." Great insight!

Sis said...

Ahh. I love drinking coffee with you.

Ginni said...

Happy Thanksgiving Dawn. Have a wonderful day and keep surrounding yourself with love. Not only does it keep you happy but it keeps the boogiemen away!

love you sweetie,

Keely said...

You've truly had a year of abundance! I'm looking forward to see what the next year brings for you, Dawn!


Anonymous said...


valerie said...

i love your inspirational words. each time i visit your blog, life seems prettier to me.

i've got my awesome old maid garland on the mantle! definitely my coolest christmas decoration!