Saturday, November 22, 2008

lil flip

this semester, i have been a very bad blogger. it seems like i have left it in the corner and thrown chunks of bread at it whenever i was running past it and remembered to think about it.

today is final crit in my experimental book class. i still have to organize the pdfs for it, but it is a relief to have the work done since it has been the cute monkey on my back that handfed me bits of banana whenever it remembered. karma is a freaking bitch.

the semester is not over, but the pressure is, so i can breathe a bit and organize my life. as of last night, we can eat at the table again, but can't sleep on the bed. the table is a start, though.

the other night, i was asked about my religion. to come clean, i think i am more spiritual than religious. there are good prayers out there and then there is me. each morning when i walk up the hill or sit on a bale of hay with my chickens, i send little shoutouts to God with extreme thankfulness for how He weaves our lives and how when He shuts a door, but opens an even better window.

when i have the books on my back this morning and walk up the hill, i could bet bottles of ink that a shoutout will sound like "Dude, thank you for helping me finish these books and for the process of each of them and for this class and for my kickass instructors and for my friends who have my back." step, step, step. "oh, and Dude, You rawk!"


Ginni said...

Great to see you here Dawnie. I've missed you!! Will answer your email soon.

It's good to be thankful for the little things in our lives that make it worth living.

Congrats on finishing your little's cool!!!

love ya hon

Kathy said...

Yea, you're back!!! I've really missed your postings. No sooner than I added you to my Readers List, you disappeared. I feared it was something I said :). You DO have so very much on your plate.
I, too, count myself as more spiritual than 'religious'. And I believe what we 'send out there' comes back threefold. Kharma is indeed a bee - ach! Blessings with your classes.

~S said...

I see you are one semester closer to that Masters as the end for this one is coming quickly and yes the pressures of getting that last project done and exams. Good Luck we know you will ace it! :)

Happy Turkey Day!

fiwa said...

You are my sister in so many ways. I thank Dude for you.

I haven't been very post-o-matic either. Sometimes life just gets in the way. But I sure do miss you.


Meg Wolff said...

The table is definitely a start. Bravo!