Sunday, December 07, 2008

winged allowance

when i finally uploaded this video, we couldn't believe how little the girls had been at the end of august. as life rolls, hiccups and punches, it is safe to say that creatures (unwinged or winged) can really ground you. sometimes, it is the routine of caring for them and sometimes it is simply the need of being needed and the allowance of being held.

yesterday & today are my garagesale days. i am certain that i will find two more boxes that need to be sold, but there is always the springsale. when we moved in, the garage was just the dumping ground, so today, i will be organizing it during the sale. the routine of letting go & regrouping is a huge salve, too.

tonight is the decorating of the tree and the beginning of the holiday season in this house. yes, the tree is inyofaceandhonking fake and, on top of that, white...and we love it. somehow, the white makes the fake okay. i can't wait to sit back after some goals are met and be mesmerized by the lights tonight.


Kathy said...

The getting rid of stuff and organizing is a healthy practice. I'm thinking, though, it might be easier just to set fire to our garage! (Not that I ever would). Sitting by a decorated and lighted tree sounds marvelous -- in all senses of that word.

Sis said...

Hope you raked it in, sistah...

And I only have eyes for Cornelia!

nikkipolani said...

Funny, I just read recently that if you're going to have a fake tree, have a Fake Tree! Happy Christmas in your new home :-)

Gin said...

Hoeing out is so cathartic!! I have learned to do that periodically and it helps us breathe easier! I love the space it causes!!

Amen sistah, on all you said about the chickies. I agree 110%! They just grow too fast!


hilarywalsh said...

yo dawn...i cant believe a video of going to eat them? I CUT my own tree on sunday from a farm in connecticut and no I did not jump a fence and steal it
a yard sale on a must be great country down there!