Monday, March 03, 2008

grand central station

okay, so i love me some google. i love how her brain works...and how they have their finger on tomorrow's pulse. google has just acquired grand central and it is still in beta. if you are a bloggerbaby, you can get a free number today. this is perfect for me during this whole transition time of my life. i now have a local number there that rings to me here.

so there you go.

go to your blogger dashboard (or to the link to sign up) if you need a steady & true number that will never leave you, or just a little extra bling (err, ring) in your life.

(oh, and yes, i would so wear this bling as a beltbuckle.)


Andie-The Brown Bee said...

LOL It'd make hotdiggity hair barettes too! lol
Glad you've found a solution to your transitionalcommunications!

fiwa said...

it almost sounds too good to be true. think it will be free forever?

Ginni Dee said...


I'll get it!!