Tuesday, March 04, 2008

tray of roses

tray of roses

with yesterday's cold front, another opportunity arose. today, i was asked to teach the remainder of the school year for the art teacher that quit on friday. okay, so i am thrilled. we are doing an awesome tattoo mask project and so far my kids are loving it. (i can call them my kids.)

maybe, life isn't always a bed of roses, but it is certainly a tray of roses.


Rachel Louise said...

Ah. That cold front must've come from the snow we got yesterday night! Except It all melt away in the morning... D':

Wow!! Why did Mrs. Bashara quit her job?? Is she going to another school?

PS: I miss you guys SOOO much! I need to start posting in my blog again and leaving little massages. I think I might start posting my artwork in it. But at the same time I've been SOOO busy!

fiwa said...

wow - that is so cool. I'm so happy for all those lucky kids. You are gonna rock it - I just know. That's the best news I have heard all day.

Dang, and I thought MY art teacher was kool - she wouldn't hold a candle to you. Sorry Mrs Nem!

love your tray.

devotedsatellite said...

can i tell you that i'm super jealous? i so badly want to be an art teacher! i hope you share all of your projects. i'd love to hear about them (and see them!). your students are lucky!

Brad said...

The tray is kind of a metaphor isn't it? The beauty of spring ravaged by the end of life.

I wanna be one of your ‘kids’

You’ll make a great teacher.

Sis said...


Maybe you need your teaching certificate as well as your Master's...hmm? Any school's art class would be lucky to have you on permanent staff.

Have fun and show us some projects!

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Zippitydoodah! That's great news Dawn, and I'm greenly envious of those kids....=o] Congrats chicklet! xoxo

Marilyn said...

Where do I sign up? I want to be in your class, too. :-)

Ya know the old saying about when a door closes, a window opens? I'm seeing lots of windows opening for you, my friend....and you are going through them and seizing these opportunities!

You rock!!!!


nikkipolani said...

Very cool that you'll be teaching, Mizz Dawn! I love the scratchy slate gray behind those gorgeous roses.

~S said...

Congrats! Have fun and keep giving them Cool assignments that they will want to keep.

Ginni Dee said...

Lucky kids!! I'll bet they're calling you OUR art teacher already too!

That tray is so cute. Finish it with something to save the rest of the design! Quick!!

Cheryl said...

Good news Dawn. The kids are lucky! My daughter's art teacher quit and was replaced by a long term sub with no art background. This will be a win-win situation for you and your kids. :)

martha brown said...

Congratulations! The your kids are so lucky to have you!

A bird in the hand said...

They are truly lucky kids to haveyou. And that tray is absolutely beautiful! xoxo


yay gal! on the art-teaching-gig! how fun! *grin* and i'm love the texture on that tray. *yum*

MaryF said...

VERY cool!