Sunday, September 16, 2007

and the latte speakeths

stork club

this week was one of those clarifying string of seven days. it was the first time i really felt like a single parent and a single woman, although i have been one since the end of march. for the past six months, i think i was just paddling to keep our heads above water and now i am settling into my new skin and living that old enjoli commercial of bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan. yeah, the "i am a woman, minus the man, but watch me yawn" one.

friday, i actually did something that i haven't done in twentytwo years. i met friends at a pub. real live peoplefriends. and played darts on a dartboard that i actually have at home. real live peoplefriends. i made sentences, perfected my aim and found my new sport.

this may be the latte talking, but i am feeling like me again.

yesterday, i spent the day with all three of my kids and it rawked. i found this new old catfooddish at an estate sale and bought new darts (i am serious about this dart thang). sage asked me if i had seen the fountain. that movie is one of those that you either really hate or you really love. i loved it. he did, too, and we both agreed that i should make it a question in my pile of dusty questions for future manwinnowing.

so, i am off to do the yard before it gets too hot and make stuff. yeah, this latte really is tawking and it says the day is gonna rawk. oh, and before i forget, netflix sent me a free month offer to send to friends. if anyone wants to try it, email me and i will send you the invitation.


fiwa said...

Hello from down the road in Dallas!

I am green with envy over those cat food holders. I stole your idea, but all I could find was some old christmas tins. Sure came in handy during the mouse crisis though.

Girl, don't write people off cuz they don't like The Fountain. I hated it!!! You wouldn't winnow me out, wouldya? Give the fountainhatinbrothers a chance.

I'm glad you're finding you. Wish I could come hang out witcha.

realityphotography said...

i watched the fountain twice. (once with doris just weeks prior...)
and will probably watch it again tonight after reading this post.
the message is so important &
the cinematography is mind blowing.

can't wait to play darts with you!!!

anne said...

Oh Dawn, your mention of the enjoli woman brings back a flood of old-commercial-memories.

A bird in the hand said...

There is something, um, cathartic about darts. It also makes your arm STRONG. I'll bet the attraction is real, not the latte talking. You Dawnie you.


MaryF said...

Er, I hated The Fountain. HATED. And I love Hugh Jachman. Fred loved it, though.

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Dawn, thanks for giving me a title to add to my Netflix list! Hubby tends to hog it...only because I rarely find anything I want to see. lol
I remember that infernal Enjoli commercial too! lmao Too funny the ideas folks had....

julie sergel said...

hey girl,
i suppose i check in with you when i get most depressed. it's that piss 'n vinegar in you that i require, maybe? or, really, there are some people in this world, that, as you listen, you know yourself better? you are one of those.
good for you, with the darts, man.
real live people--i should try that. too many words and computer time is turning me handicap.
bullzeye, o.k.?
4 the pollster: HATED the fountain, but like your friend, could never find dispoint looking at HJ.

Scheherazaad said...

Hmmm. I must get a latte.

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Oh geez, course you can link to me! I think I need a latte now too! lol I'll get my nose stud pix up this evening...mine's a little sparkly crystal. :0) I dunno about there being another Andie F. out I'll have to check it out!

Ginni Dee said...

Never saw the fountain, so no opinion here. I'm like Julie, I come here for the piss 'n vinegar too! You'se full of it! Hahaha.

I'd take you up on that Netflix thang, I just wish it were winter so I'd have time for movies. Maybe if you get another offer like that in a few months!

Manwinnowing! Love your dawneseverbosity, it rawks!

Hope you're as well as you sound!