Friday, September 07, 2007

type plAy personality

paperpocket for vv

there are many areas in my life that i am focusing on to change, to enhance and to discover. the selfpermission to play more is at the top of the list. i need to play more, to not have to be productive 24/7 and to be able to take a chillpill. i really wanna knock my typeA personality to type plAy.

the other night, we were playing in the studio and i made v this paperpocket for her binder. (okay, so it was kindasorta productive, but it started off as play.) she can put her class schedule, pet photos or whatev in it.

this week, i finished cutting two hundred 8x10 sheets of vintage wallpaper and various papers to sell in my etsy shop for collage & papercrafts. i used a few of the papers in this binderpocket. if you need more paper for your papercrafting, motor over there & take a gander. i will be selling them off of etsy, as well.

so, go shake what yo momma gave you
and don’t forget to play more.


Keely said...

What a wonderful idea. Ms. V wil be the envy of all her friends!!! [grin] Great job, Dawn!

I absolutely love your phrase type plAy personality. Ah... if we could all just play more! I think we need to schedule a play date for the world leaders. Now THAT would be a summit!!! [grin]

Ginni Dee said...

Best advice I've heard all week! and it's already Friday! :)

Love your plAyful personality!

anne said...

Things are always shakin' with you, mizz dawn. Have a great weekend!

realityphotography said...

plAy-uh plAy-ON!

Andie said...

plAy-ahs fo' life! ;o)

Anonymous said...

before i was blinded by your terrific pocket play i was delightfully hijacked into dance mode as your music player is set on k.c. and the sunshine band. i am groovin out baby....crank it up!
OH be still me heart....the roses of success! where did you ever find that one? i am SWOONING! and may never leave :)
what a fun visit xoxo

A bird in the hand said...

you are so right! We need to play. This constant working and doing is for the birds!


MaryF said...

Love it!

I was looking at my Mary Engelbreit magazine today and thought of you - she features so many artists. Have you any idea how to get in with her?

tsdumont said...

grrrrrrrl, i am all about the type*PlAy* personality! *BIGgrin*

have fun! play BIG!

i hope your day is treating you damn good gal!


Scheherazaad said...

I always thought you were my Texas alter ego. You got all the A and I got all the play. I'll trade you some.

Lisa H said...

I assume that you're going to make a rubber stamp out of that brilliant quote....?

Lisa H.