Tuesday, August 21, 2007


everything and the bathroom sink

there is nothing worse than feeling that you are at the mercy of men. i know that women can do anything, yadda, yadda, yadda. i was able to remove the vintage sink & console and get it to the curb myself, but retiling and putting in a sink was beyond me. i would rather pay a professional. after waiting to get bumped up to the top of the tiler's list since the first week of april, i finally called him last week and said that i would resort to doing it myself. obviously, these are the magic words. my plumber rocks and his work hinged on the tiler's. officially, my status of redneck has ootched up a bit and i don't have a hole in the wall where the sink was supposed to be.

hurricane dean is bringing more rain today. we made a list of emergency foods to get today: water, matches, ben & jerry's (pistachio pistachio, halfbaked, cherry garcia---storms demand variety), mallomars, wine, cheese and crackers. so, we are well ahead of the game.

studio is kicking my ass and taking names. i had everything put away and then wanted to make something and it is all back out, but being at the mercy of yourself is way better than what is behind door number one.


diane said...

Girl, I am glad you finally got your sink in~just in time to watch the storm. But I believe we will be spared the brunt of it~thank God. But we've gotta pray for Mexico~ We will be RVing in Concan till next Monday~I am pumped!

~S said...

Oh yea for you Mz D! It's always great when a plan finally comes together. Would like to add Vermonty Python to your list. ;)

Andie Ferguson said...

Yippee for the sink! I'm sending good vibes your way for weathering the storm. :0)

fiwa said...

Yeah - your sink! Love it.
Batten down those hatches girl. That sounds like a very cozy day actually - can I come play?

A bird in the hand said...

You rock! Wine and mallomars. Yes.

I had to stop by before getting on the plane to Dublin.
Be safe,

miigwetch, Colette xoxo

Keely said...

Good plan! Get lots of icecream. Then, should you lose power, you will be "forced" to eat the icecream to keep it from oozing out of the carton into your freezer. Yup! I like the way you think!!!

Babsarella said...

he he he...love your choice of emergency supplies!!! Especially the ice cream...when that weather hits and you loose the electricity you will (drat) be forced to eat it all at once!!! My kinda problem!!