Wednesday, August 22, 2007

eighteen years


his tiny first breath
was profound transformation
for a rusty heart.

eighteen years ago, i gave birth to the first of my three soulcharmers. we lived on south mansfield avenue in los angeles, closer to the corner of olympic and la brea than the corner of wilshire and la brea. God always had our backs while we scrimped, saved and survived.

this little boy stretched my heart and made me big inside.

happy birthday, sage.

i love you.


diane said...

ahhh~that is what i mean~you are a true inspiration to life and those of who live in it~xoxox

Andie Ferguson said...

Speechless! :0) Happy birthday to your precious!

kansasrose said...

Ummm..uh... excuse me for being choked up here hon...this is a powerful post of a mother's love...just beautiful. Happy 18th Birthday to Dawn's son! Your son is blessed too...thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I can already see with the first post on your blog how special YOU are...congrats on the award. Well deserved...I will be putting you on my list of those I love to have my cuppa java with. So glad to meet ya! xxxooo

~S said...

Break out the cake and ice cream, hb to your son Sage, may the next 18 be a wonderful journey for the both of you. :)

fiwa said...

Happy Birthday to Sage!
Love you D -

Anonymous said...

Giving birth is the most mysterious, magical, impossible to describe, profoundest of experiences. You gave him the gift of life, he gave you the gift of motherhood.

Happy Birthday to Sage..and his mom! :-)


Keely said...

Now how am I supposed to top what Marilyn said? And that picture is just priceless!!!

Sending birthday blessings to Sage.

Sending hugs to you!

Sis said...

2 people are born when the first one takes a breath - a Person, and a Mother

Happy birthday to Sage, and XO to you.

MaryF said...

Wow, he really looks the same!!! Happy birthday, Sage!!!

MaryF said...

You are evil - I just spent the past 45 minutes building my own playlist, and so has Fred!!!

anne said...

You know, when you talk about Sage, I always imagine him to be in his 20s - so mature, sure of himself, talented. And only 18. Happy birthday, Sage!

Ginni Dee said...

Great entry! I loveLoveLOVE the photo of your precious boyo!

Happy Birthday Sage from one of your unknown aunties! May you have 100 more! (birthdays, not aunties...LOL)

Love and big ol' bughugs,

Anonymous said...

As always Dawn - inspiring!

Happy Birthday Sage

and yes I see where you get your brilliance and beauty..........

Your dear wonderful Mommy!


Much Love,
From another planet